Natural Gas is one of the principle sources of energy for many of our day-to-day needs and activities. No other energy source offers you the cooking precision and results found with gas. Gas ranges and cooktops, ovens and grills offer instant on/off and unmatched temperature control. With gas, you can discover the gourmet in you and learn why professional chefs prefer gas appliances


Not only is natural gas cheap for the residential consumer, it also has a number of varied uses. The best known uses for natural gas around the home are natural gas heating and cooking. Cooking with a natural gas range or oven can provide many benefits, including easy temperature control, self ignition and self cleaning, as well as being approximately one-half the cost of cooking with an electric range. Many of the top chefs prefer natural gas ranges for their quick heating ability and temperature control.


Natural gas space and water heating for commercial buildings is very similar to that found in residential houses. Natural gas is an extremely efficient, economical fuel for heating in all types of commercial buildings. Although space and water heating account for a great deal of natural gas use in commercial settings, non-space heating applications are expected to account for the majority of growth in natural gas use in the commercial sector. Cooling and cooking represent two major growth areas for the use of natural gas in commercial settings.

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